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Watch all ants run away and die with Ant Free  Ant Control

Ultimate Ant Control



Kills not only the adult ants but they take it back and it kills the eggs and the Queen. They will not want to go back to the area that you sprayed again. Keeps the ants out of your home, work place, kitchen, garage, cabinets, or where ever they are bothering you.

Works on  ALL ANTS

-Black Ants, Fire Ants, Red Ants, Biting Ants, Carpenter Ants, Pharaoh Ants, and Nuisance Ants--the dozens of common Household invading ants that cause food spoilage and can bite.

-100% Non-Toxic

-No Harmful Chemicals
-Contains 5 Essential Oils that are food grade
-Safe To Be Around Food
-Safe For Children, Pets, Pregnant Women, and People of All Ages To Be Around -just not the ants
-Pleasant Scent

-Strong effective essential oils of mints kill the ants and you can watch them run away and some die as you spray ( you want them to go back to their home and take it to the Queen and eggs so it wipes out the whole colony)
-Alleviate your mind and place of ants for months.
-Use Under Tables, Under Beds, In Closets, In The
Bathroom, In The Kitchen To Keep The Ants
-Easy to use and it will not be sticky on surfaces.
Just spray on where you want the ants not to be.
-Easy to use under tables, under beds, and in the
bathroom--without it moving from where you put it.

-Pour down the hole in ant hills or colonies and the workers will take it to the Queen and it will kill all the ants naturally without harming the area.

-It not only works on ants but naturally dehydrates the
offspring to prevent future generations from bothering you.
Use and enjoy your day.

 Ants Avoid You Like The Plague

Watch them run away and die while being safe and smell good.



Call NOW and order!


Ants won't go near you anytime anywhere whenever you spray on Ant Free.

The National Bug Organization gave Ant Free several thousand bugs to test and the results were astounding. Ants won't go near you or your home or workplace or family once you use Ant Free. You understand how important this is to you, your family, and friends especially with biting infection causing ants on the loose. Based on long standing evidence that ants "hate" a particular scent, this naturally occurring combination stops bugs before they stop anywhere near you. So safe yet so powerful. The scent will exhilarate you yet not overpowering. A non-staining natural reasonably priced product that will protect your loved ones. Many groups of individuals have used this product throughout the world including gardeners, home owners, child care workers,  fishermen, hikers, hunters, campers, mothers and children, farmers, construction workers, horseback riders, and families. And people who just hate ants.

Ants won't be your friend but Ant Free(TM) will.

We're the people who hate ants.

It's not magic, but you may think it is. The fact that there is a completely safe, natural answer to all your concerns about ants. (Just the description of any bug on me gives me the shivers) Ants, flies,  mosquitoes, all possess that annoyance that drives people crazy. The smell is so good you'll think its perfume and ants hate it.




Bugrepel is a natural herbal-based line of insect repellents with a proven four year track record. Developed by the founder and Director of BeHappy (a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people and animals feel happier), this environmentally friendly solution smartly blends holistic health and powerful ant extermination. Why? Because we hate ants invading our space as much as you do. But, unlike the manufacturers of deadly pesticides and toxic, commercial household sprays, this caring company does not believe that ridding yourself
of ants is worth sacrificing the health of your children and pets.

AntFree is a natural repellent, that has achieved astonishing results in testing associated with the National Bug Organization. This highly effective formula contains mint, actually leaving a pleasant and therapeutic scent for you, your pets and your family, while attacking ants on all fronts. Spray and watch as some stop dead in their tracks while others return to the colony killing the queen
and eggs. Best yet, though, many of them never make it to the party at all (there’s nothing more embarrassing than watching a troupe of ants make their way across your table while serving company), due to an ingenious scent-barrier that actually protects your home and yard.

100% non toxic and containing 5 essential oils that are food-grade allows you to spray AntFree into kitchen cabinets, near your pet’s food, in the bathroom without the worry of adverse health effects, chemical odors or stickiness. 60 times stronger than DEET, AntFree kills them all (black ants, fire ants,
red ants, biting ants, carpenter ants and Pharaoh ants). Wherever you spray it the scent-barrier will remain for up to nine months or when you decide to wash it off. You can even pour AntFree directly into the hill without any worry of contaminating the area. So stop ants from ruining your day and feel  happier..


Hurry! Act Now and receive a free book on tips to keep all bugs away safely, naturally, and  without spending money--"People and Pet Friendly Solutions to All Your Bug Problems

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